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One of my favourite manga for a long time, has been Moyoco Anno’s very moving magical girl series, Sugar Sugar Rune.  There was also a cute animated adaption made but it only very loosely follows the original plot, leaves a lot out and is significantly less serious and mature.  It’s worth watching for fun but I truly recommend reading the comics first to fully appreciate Sugar Sugar Rune.


For leisure I did what was supposed to be a quick fanart of vani & choco!  Unfortunately because of the amount of detail involved, it took me a little longer than a week to finish it (working on and off).  My marker ran out so you can easily see the lines from my copic pens T.T

Also, random thing, Moyoco Anno is the same mangaka who wrote one of my favourite series of all time, happy mania!


As I’m sure many are already aware of, Sailor Moon is finally being revived and set to air this coming July.  Quite exciting news for fans!  I’m personally crossing my fingers that it follows the original storyline of the manga better than previously: the manga has such an elegant and mature feel that they failed to really capture the first time around.  My favourite characters (specifically Sailor Saturn and Pluto) were pushed quite a bit to the side.

Bored, I decided to capture one of the most lovely images from the manga and gave it new life in my own style.  It was a little painstaking but in the end, it doesn’t look too bad.  I’ve learnt that colour isn’t for me.


I wish I had a scanner as any illustrations I share are actually photos I have taken with my phone of the original drawing ;;  Until next time~

I was recently thinking to myself how much I miss the anime from the 70s and 80s.  There was quite a magical feel with spectacular emphasis on music.  One particular series I liked was Tokimeki Tonight.  Unfortunately the anime ended before the manga did so the ending felt a little rushed.


For fun, I did a quick sketch of Ranze.  Despite simplistic character designs, she appears quite charming.