Consisting of several members from Hawaii, Coconuts Musume originally aimed to become the English speaking equivalent of Morning Musume.  While the unit remained active for nearly ten years from 1999 to 2008, the member roaster frequently changed and they unfortunately, never released a full length album.  After the 2002 departure of Lehua Sandbo, Mika (of Minimoni fame) & Ayaka continued to perform together during concerts until Mika’s graduation in 2004.  Ayaka kept the group name, although solo, until she also departed Hello! Project in 2008.

While the certain members (ahem, Ayaka) had more than questionable vocals, I always enjoyed their antics on their Asayan specials and Surprise English lessons.  Personally, despite her lack of Japanese knowledge, Danielle was my absolute favourite and always made me laugh.  Somehow over the years I’ve kept ahold of their singles and recalled how awesome Jonetsu Yuki Miraisen really was.

So, in honor of Halfu and Musume fans alike, I’ve made up a small compilation of a handful of their live performances (that I was able to find).  The first track, HALATION SUMMER, is an extremely rare performance by the entire, original member line up, specifically, Ayaka, Chelsea, Mika, Danielle and April.  Their vocals at times can be a little rough but it’s fun to listen to their energy and catchy tunes!

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
256kbps, rar, 16.4 mb

01  ハレーションサマー
02 Summer Night Town (English Version)
03 私も「I Love You」
04 情熱行き 未来船
05 幸せですか?

Like it?  Love it?  Hate it?  Let me know!