……poppin’ pills that is!  for those unaware, sciatica is an extremely painful (if not hopelessly tiring) condition in which the sciatic nerve is either damaged or being pinched by slipped disc, inflammation, tumor, etc.  this causes extreme discomfort, to say the least, as well as tingling, numbing, burning feelings in the foot, ankle, butt & leg.  after the initial breakthrough pain (which typically lasts 4-6 weeks & trust me… will result in many intense, excruciating hours on the floor), symptoms and pain can linger for months, even years.  unfortunately after a car accident in 2011, i’ve been in constant pain.  the culprit?  my sciatic nerve in my left leg is stuck twisted in a muscle.  yikes.  after many trial & error and about enough ibuprofen to stock a small planet, it’s flexeril to the rescue.  i suppose after today we’ll see how that pans out.

despite being well over a year since the accident, you’d think i’d be used to this type of annoyance.  hell to the nooooo.  in particular, over the summer months the humidity only seemed to aggravate my nerves worse.  and yup, i’m in ‘lil new england.  but there’s nothing better than mad sweet tunes to get my heart a’pumpin.  my jam of 2012?  you guessed: Perfume‘s Spending All My Time!

perhaps one of the most addicting songs i’ve heard in years, this particular single is the girls’ first release on Universal and perhaps the most polished and danceable of their singles so far.  it’s almost hilarious when recalling Sweet Donuts from 2003!  their performance in SUMMER SONIC 2012 this past August is one of my favourites, if not one of the rare lives for this track.  the energy of the audience is something spectacular:


surprisingly, i’ve noticed quite a few fans online were disappointed by this track but coming from this ‘ole gal who hasn’t 100% enjoyed any of their singles since Electro World, i give it an A+.


DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
320 kbps, rar, 9.01mb

01 Spending All My Time (SUPER SONIC 2012)

like it, love it, hate it?  questions?  let me know!