tararirari is proud to present our very first concert rip, a performance by none other than one of Japan’s legendary girl groups, SPEED. with members hiro, Eriko Imai, HITOE & Takako Uehara, SPEED debuted in 1996 and have sold well over 20 million cds in the first 3 years of their career alone. after disbanding in 2000 for solo careers, the girls officially made their comeback in 2008 & eventually released their first full length original album since ’03, this past November. despite the notable recent changes to SPEED’s sound over the years, the girls have never lost their touch performance wise, constantly impressing with high impact dance routines and likeable dispositions.

i’ve always enjoyed SPEED’s GIRL POP FACTORY ’10 performance. with hosts Yoko Shono and Akina Minami conducting interviews between tracks, the selection of songs for its time was dead on: it’s certainly notable that “Wake Me Up” is the special rearranged track from their SPEEDLAND album. in particular i was pretty psyched to see that “Still Blowing” (from Bridge) made the cut as well. vocal wise, the girls have spoiled me to expect no less than their high quality performances past. however, for those who are new to SPEED, hiro is notorious for her high pitched vocals, albeit definitely not as bad as certain, anonymous talents on the idol variety.

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DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
320 kbps, rar, 74.2mb

01 Still Blowing
02 S.P.D
03 Steady
05 ヒマワリ -Growing Sunflower-
06 Wake Me Up
07 指環