just when the internets believed it was safe n’ sound… i’m back & ready to bust at the seams with more music, reviews and unnecessary ranting than ever before.

…and just who are you, you ask?

well. hullo there my friend. think of this as polaris’ grand re-debut from her 13+ year KOI-BUMI website run (one of my previously well-received music blogs that originally started as a special corner of former website, cafe-lain.net in 1998). with the increased popularity of websites such as hello! online, jpopsuki and j-mp3, i found that finding a special niche in the asian music circle was to be difficult: who feels like waitin’ 2 minutes to download a track when BAM, a click of a mouse produces instant results of the latest tunes on bit-torrent? for the average, impatient fan, this is a no-no. so where does tararirari come in?

look forward to not only music & film reviews, commentary, occasional illustrations and fashion tid-bits, but more importantly, audio rips of your favourite concerts and live shows by yours truly. i realized not too long ago, that while i certainly appreciate the crisp audio of a CD or studio recording, there’s something magical about the grittiness and realism of a live recording. particularly when dealing with idols, it doesn’t take much to sound relatively decent on a recording (hullo, auto tuner) but dancing and keeping a tune live? yup. it happens.

of course there are also the standard ground rules that comes with any blog. READ THEM OR A CURSE SHALL SMITE YE. or something like that.

♥ no hotlinking, please.
♥ please do not re-upload these tracks to any bit-torrent community or otherwise without at the very least, giving proper credit. all of these “albums” are ripped, converted, edited and compiled by me unless (rarely) otherwise noted.
♥ no plagiarizing or reposting of any written or illustrated material. everything from the artwork to reviews are created by polaris unless otherwise stated. this takes time & effort.
♥ lastly, have a request for a specific concert you’re dying to hear? buzz me an email (mariijane @ gmail.com), tweet me (holla!) or leave a comment anytime!

so without further adieu, welcome to tararirari and let’s enjoy the making of music. ♥